Hi, I'm Joanne

After spending 8 years working in social and affordable housing, I came to accept that this would be my career for life. I dropped out of college at 17 and went to work for the local council as it was a ‘secure job’ with ‘good benefits.’ It had always been drilled into me that you need to have a good job, a car and to buy your own home. By the age of 26, I had all this and there was still something missing. 

I decided to go travelling in 2015 and ended up settling in Australia. I was on my own and came to realise that life was very different to the trusty routine I had in the UK and found myself constantly having to jump through hurdles. This had a massive impact on my confidence and I often questioned if it would be easier to go back home and fall back into my old life. It was only when I sat and thought about the reasons why I left that I decided to persevere. Throughout my time away I learnt so much about myself, the world and what my genuine interests were.  


I had always been an overthinker and I cared too much. I struggled to accept that others had different values to me which at times would cause anger, upset and frustration. “I wouldn’t do that to them, so why have they done it to me?” and similar statements would pop into my head. I then realised life is about learning to accept things as they are.  


In late 2019, I was unhappy in my job and found that it was impacting on my physical and mental wellbeing.

I knew I wasn’t completely happy outside of work either so it made sense to go back home. 


I spent years working with the vulnerable and those with addictions. I felt I was fulfilling my purpose whilst working closely with these people but my involvement was always restricted. I often found myself saying

“I just want to help people” but felt limited due to the roles I was employed to do.


A few months before my return home, I came across a lady who would change my life forever. With the physical pain I was experiencing in my life at that time, I booked a massage with my local massage therapist, Megan. Not knowing she offered other services, we got chatting and this is how I was introduced to NLP, Time Line Therapy and Coaching. I had tried mainstream therapies in the past and none of them were anywhere near as effective for me. My sessions were so profound and life changing, I decided that this would be the career I would now pursue.


When I returned to the UK I completed my qualifications and here I am today ready to help you Create the Change Within.  

ABNLP Qualifications: 

- Certified NLP practitioner

- Certified NLP Coach

- Time Line Therapist 

Areas of focus:

- Help reaching your goals 

- Releasing negative emotions

- Changing your mindset to create positive change

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